The Official Online Wedding Registry for Barbara Geraud and Jon Knutson

Barb and Jon got married on May 2, 1998!

Pictures from the Wedding and Milwaukee Zoo taken by John O'Halloran

Barb and Jon are registered at Service Merchandise (Gift Registry # 7223099) and Target for general stuff and household goods, but they wanted to let their friends know about some of the fun things they'd like to get from other stores.

When you purchase something, please email me at so I can update this list.

To find out where to send presents, or to find out how to contact Barb or Jon by email, scroll to the bottom, or click here .

General ideas

Jon is a big Superman fan, as well as the other DC Superheroes. He's lately become enamoured of Captain America. He's also a big fan of old radio shows - Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Groucho Marx, Fibber McGee & Molly, Abbott & Costello, Burns & Allen.

Barbara really loves Pepe Le Pew and stuffed animals of any kind. She collects owls, as well as wooden and small ceramic or specialty wood boxes.

Both Barb and Jon love candles, especially votives - the more unusual, the better.

The one household type item they'd like to request on this list is:

Warner Brothers Store

Warner Bros Store website

Pepe Le Pew and/or Pepe and Penelope

Bugs Bunny


Looney Tunes

Other Warner Bros Stuff

Store of Knowledge

Store of Knowledge website


The Franklin Mint Store

5" statues

San Francisco Music Box Shop

Send gifts to:

Barbara Geraud and Jon Knutson
6172 South 31st St #4
Greenfield, WI 53221-4797

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To contact Jon by email:

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