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* InfoPET Information

Updated: 1995.

The following information is gathered from the InfoPET registration materials supplied to us after the Vet implanted the InfoPET microchip and from the rec.pets.dogs: Getting A Dog FAQ.

From the Registration materials:

InfoPET Identification Systems, Inc.
415 West Travelers Trail
Burnsville, MN  55337
612.890.2054 (FAX)

Info line is staffed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Yearly or Lifetime registration available.
Discount for multiple pets registered
Individualized Metal Collar Tag
Referral Network to find a new Vet.

Information they ask for and have online:
  Pet Name           
  Owners Contact Info
    Full Address
    Day + Evening Phone
  Alternate Contact Info (optional)
    Name (Parents, Neighbors, etc)
    Full Address
    Day + Evening Phone
  Pet Info
    Tattoos or other ID marks
      AKA/UKC/CFA registration of Tattoo/ID mark
  Medical Info (optional)
    Permanent Medications/Illnesses/Diseases
    Rabies Shot Date

From the FAQ (We have trimmed it a bit):

   An alternative, that is used in Canada, and increasingly in the US is
   an injected microchip. The microchip contains a numbering system that
   is readable with a scanner. There are three manufacturers and four
   microchips that have been produced. AVID was marketed by AVID and
   IdentIchip. Trovan is a German company and their technology is
   marketed by InfoPET. Destron is marketed under a variety of names in
   the US and by Anitech in Canada. The AVID scanner can read all chips
   but the Trovan chip. The other scanners can read only their own.
   Each company has their own database you can register with. Each
   microchip has a 10 digit alpha/numeric code that is assigned to you
   (or your kennel) and your pets, Some of the information that is kept
   on file are extra emergency numbers to have contacted should your pet
   be impounded or taken to an animal hospital due to injury or illness.
   Your vet's name and number are also included along with any important
   medical info about your animal. This is important for animals that
   have life threatening medical conditions that need constant treatment.
   Keep this information up to date!
   Not all shelters check for the chip, but increasing numbers are doing
   so in the US. There are no documented cases of medical problems
   related to the insertion of the chip just under the skin. It
   takes about 2 minutes to insert the chip and fill out the form. After
   that, all you have to do is pay yearly dues.
   You generally want to be sure that the person doing it has medical
   training for sterility and health reasons. The chip must be placed
   between the shoulder blades and not migrate (effectively
   The chip itself is about the size and shape of a grain of rice, The
   needle is hollow and on the end of a syringe that contains the chip,
   about 3mm wide. Once in, the chip is inserted with the plunger from
   the syringe and it is done in about 20 seconds.
   An article in the August 1993 issue of Dog Fancy goes into this
   further. It's called "Beyond Dog Tags" and is on page 27. This article
   lists all the microchip companies, tag registries, and tattoo
   registries and discusses each of these methods of protecting your dog.

   Here some other ID Microchip supplier/services:

     * AVID in California (714) 371-7505, nationwide (800) 336-AVID
     * Destron in Colorado (303) 444-5306 (Uses Destron chip)
     * IdentIchip in Pennsylvania (800)926-1313

There is also a article about the use of the Trovan Brand Microchips (called transponders in this article) titled: USE OF IMPLANTED TRANSPONDERS FOR PERMANENT IDENTIFICATION OF REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS. Which discusses their use in private collections and zoos.

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